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Parentrol Top Features

Screenshots Capturing

After Parentrol starts, it will take screenshot regularly based on the time period you set (Nomally 20s -120s). With all the screenshots, you can get a better understanding about what web your kids browse, what games your kids play with this computer. When you notice your kids do anything inappropriate, you can talk to your kids and teach them what not to do with the computer.

Keystrokes Logging

Thanks to all Social Media, such as facebook and twitter, computer has been the primary tools for kids to communicate with their friends. Logs keystroke function helps you record every single words typed by your kids. Through knowing what your kids type, you can make sure your kids don't talk bad; you can know what topic your kids talk with their friends; you can even know his school work if they do that with this computer.

Stealth Mode

As a good Parental Control Software, it is very important not to let your kids know you are doing this to them since it will definitely harm the relationship. And Parentrol is run in stealth mode. Parentrol will not automatically build any icons on your desktop, start menu or tool bar. You can place Parentrol at any place your want and it will run just fine to record every moves by your kids.

No Installation Needed

Parentrol is a very convenient software that requires no complicated installation. The only thing you need to start the application is click the downloaded file and enjoy all awesome functions in Parentrol. When you are done, just close the application and hide your file to anywhere you like. Parentrol will record automatically and secretly without anyone notice.

Simple Users Interface

Parentrol is designed for all parents, including those who have no technical background. Even if with its comprehensive functions, it has a very simple, user-friendly, users interface with all clear instruction in it. From our clients first hand experience, I can guarantee you can master Parentrol with the shortest time, compared to other Parental Control Software. In addition, we also provide user guide and customer service team to assist you when you encounter any difficulties.

Export Records

Basically, all the data recorded by Parentrol will be kept for up to 90 days (Family Version). But for any special reasons, you may want to store the data for longer or take out the data from your computer for your other uses. Export Function allows you to output any record you need and utilize them whatever purpose you want.

Awards & Recognition

Parentrol's History

Version New Features
2001-11 v1.0 Launched the 1st version of Parentrol
2008-11 v2.0 Reworked the entire user interface and algorithm
2009-01 v3.0 Perfected the Stealth Mode
2009-06 v3.5 Added Export function
2009-11 Launched Lite Edition
2010-08 v4.0 Added email reporting feature
2011-04 v4.5 Added 4 screen monitoring
2011-11 v5.0 Added rich text editor in keylogger
2012-08 v6.0 Enhanced email reporting feature