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About Us

We established Parentrol in 2001 and aimed to provide the best software to all concerned parents. With the drastic growth of internet usage by teenagers, we noticed there is a tremendous need for concerned parents to keep track of what their kids do with their computers. So we decided to develop new parental control software.

There are many parental control software in the market which can be simply regarded as a filtering software that blocks all inappropriate websites. We believe that filtering is not the best way because it doesn't enhance communication. Instead of a filtering software, Parentrol provide record tracking functions. With all the record obtained by Parentrol, Caring parents can take the most suitable action with the kids and talk to them. It allows more flexibility to parents and most importantly, it enhance the communication between parents and kids. That is what we believe in and explain how we design our software.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have a suggestion, a requirement, a feature request or even if you just want to give us a piece of your mind. When you write to us, your email will be handled by a real person in our team.

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Awards & Recognition

Parentrol's History

Version New Features
2001-11 v1.0 Launched the 1st version of Parentrol
2008-11 v2.0 Reworked the entire user interface and algorithm
2009-01 v3.0 Perfected the Stealth Mode
2009-06 v3.5 Added Export function
2009-11 Launched Lite Edition
2010-08 v4.0 Added email reporting feature
2011-04 v4.5 Added 4 screen monitoring
2011-11 v5.0 Added rich text editor in keylogger
2012-08 v6.0 Enhanced email reporting feature