Lite Edition
Free Forever with Basic Protections

Awesome Features Included:

  • Stealth Mode – your kids won't notice even if they are being monitored
  • Capture Screenshots – you can get a detailed knowledge about what your kid is using with this computer
  • Log Keystrokes – every words typed by your kid in any application will be recorded

Family Edition
Get Greater Protection for Your Kids

In addition to all functions that Lite Version has:

  • Longer Record Period – All the record will be kept up to 90 days
  • Export Records – All the record can be exported out of the application so you have more flexibility on how you use the record

Real Testimonials

"This free Parental Control software is perfect for Parents who don't have much computer knowledge. It's very easy to use and we almost don't need to learn before using it."

Mary Hecobs, a parent from California

"I am a computer idiot but with Parentrol, I know what my children are doing with the computer"

Sheron Fletcher, a parent from Oregon

"I love Parentrol. It's so easy to use and needs almost no installation."

Paul Lee, a parent from Texas

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Parentrol's History

Version New Features
2001-11 v1.0 Launched the 1st version of Parentrol
2008-11 v2.0 Reworked the entire user interface and algorithm
2009-01 v3.0 Perfected the Stealth Mode
2009-06 v3.5 Added Export function
2009-11 Launched Lite Edition
2010-08 v4.0 Added email reporting feature
2011-04 v4.5 Added 4 screen monitoring
2011-11 v5.0 Added rich text editor in keylogger
2012-08 v6.0 Enhanced email reporting feature